Sussex SU make embarrassing grammatical error in new poster campaign

Who is streets?

The Students’ Union has been called out on Facebook after printing posters with a glaring grammatical error in the headline.

The poster was advertising the upcoming ‘Reclaim the Night’ event, where students are invited to march through Brighton in protest of rape culture, before ending with speeches and demonstrations at the Old Steine.

However, the campaign got off to a rough start as the posters were titled “Who’s streets? Our streets”, which should be read as “Whose streets?”, unless the Union are asking “Who is streets?”

Somehow this blunder was left unnoticed during the process of designing and printing the posters.

Facebook users were the first to notice the mistakes within the poster, finding it funny to pick apart the errors. One user commented: “They do themselves no favours!”

We hope that the error will not damage the turn out for the march on 25th November at 6pm.

Grainne Gahan, Students’ Union Welfare Officer commented:

“It’s great that people have noticed the poster as it’s for such an important event to challenge sexual harassment and sexual violence. We’re fixing the typo and hope to see everyone at the event focusing on ensuring people feel safe in Brighton”