Uber has arrived in Brighton

The rumours were true

We can now confirm, after much speculation, the the app-based transport company Uber will launch in Brighton today at 4pm.

Uber uses a mobile application which allows users to simply input a travel request, and then the nearest available driver will be sent to your location. You pay via the app, and payment is forwarded to your driver.

With Uber, you can receive an image of your driver, as well as their number plate and track them online. This is a measure intended to increase safety and security when using the app.

The introduction of Uber is likely to lead to a war between taxi companies for efficiency and prices in order to settle which company will receive the most business.

Hackney Carriage cabs have to charge between £2.80 and £5.60 for the first 320 yards of travel, and again for subsequent 160 yards.

Uber can set and manage their own prices, which they can keep down due to the way that drivers are sent to the nearest customers, reducing excess travel.

However, you will not be able to simply hail an Uber driver in the street, they must be booked in advance.

750 drivers have already invested their interest in becoming an Uber driver in Brighton.