This is what Sussex uni is like, according to Facebook reviews

We’ve not got enough free cake to deserve five stars

If you heard about Sussex from your parents who went there, you probably heard about the retro (to put it politely) architecture and the hippy culture on campus. Tell anyone older than that that you’re off to live in Brighton and they will probably spew some casual homophobia or start dissing vegetarians and cyclists.

In these dark times, prospective students and their parents, who they taught to use Facebook, will often turn to The University of Sussex Facebook page to see what it’s all about.

At least Sussex allow Facebook reviews, unlike Brighton (typical).

Sussex has managed to score an impressive 4.2 stars overall, but we all know that people who actually take the time out of their day to write a Facebook review are probably not the most accurate sources. So, how do the reviews stack up?

We currently have over 250 5-star reviews and only 40 1-star ratings, but some of the comments are priceless, including these.

No free cake = terrible teaching

Almost all of our 1-star reviews come down to one man: Dr Lee Salter. They have a point. 

Review pages are deffo the right place to arrange room swaps

Not strictly a review, is it Max? 

We lost a star for ‘indulgent’ parents and their cars

Ratings of the uni based on dreams (wait until you see the seagulls)

A man of few words and horribly ominous ellipsis