Southern Rail backfires by calling for public condemnation of RMT

Southern Rail called for people on twitter to express their opinion on the RMT strike

Southern Rail this morning attempted to turn the public against the RMT. Southern posted a tweet urging people to tweet RMT Union and “tell them how rail strikes make you feel” in order to “get back on track”. This however massively backfired with many expressing their support for the industrial action.

It didn’t take long for the tweets to start flooding in but not with the comments that Southern were naively hoping for.

Unlike Southern was expecting, people were quick to show their support for the RMT.


And, in turn, were not scared of hiding how unimpressed they were with Southern Railway’s attempt to shame their employees out of striking.


Instead people were quick to tell Southern how they “make [them] feel”…



“Hello you c*nts”

Others found the whole thing all rather comical.

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