Megan ‘O Hara crowned as new Miss Brighton

She beat 18 other contestants and raised £630 for charity

Megan ‘O Hara was crowned Miss Brighton and will go on to represent Brighton in the final for Miss Great Britain.

Megan, 20, had joined 18 other contestants in the Jury’s inn to compete in front of a group of judges to take away the crown. 250 people attended the event with local Brighton talent Chloe Paige (X Factor 2015) performing.

She will now go on to represent us in September at the final in Leicester.

Credit: Colette Langton photography Megan (middle) was crowned Miss Brighton

Many local businesses had sponsored the event so that the contestants could take part.

Speaking to Colette Langton, the photographer at the event she said:

“I was slightly dubious about photographing a ‘Beauty pageant’ assuming it was all about beauty and bit shallow. But I was so wrong!! There is so much more to this competition than Beauty.  A lot of the girls have their own stories, how they were bullied. Lacked confidence, self esteem. Social Media haters..Some had had children and wanted to find their mojo. etc etc,”

She then went on to say that the event was a lot more tasteful than she first thought

“The girls were all fantastic role models for the younger generation. And the whole set up and approach to Miss Brighton was spot on. They had so much support and encouragement from the directors. They weren’t forced to wear skimpy beachwear, they were allowed to wear cover ups – they wanted the girls to feel comfortable and confident. And that is what shone through, throughout the evening.”

The contestant’s main focus was to raise money for charity. The contestants took to the streets to raise money for ‘Amanda’s Angels’ a charity that helps support brain cancer research and raised just shy of £6000. Congratulations to Megan and good luck in September. You can find out more about Amanda’s angels here