Sussex dubbed mediocre in beauty and happiness stakes

Ditto Brighton.

Student Beans recently conducted a survey of over 1,000 students, asking them to rate the happiness, niceness, and hotness, of their fellow students.

Middlesex reckon they’re the happiest, Swansea met reckon they’re the hottest, and apparently Chichester is where you can find the nicest bunch of students.

On the other hand, London Met reckon they’re all ‘orrible, Keele think they’re ugly as fuck, and Aberdeen claims to be miserable.

Where does this leave Sussex and Btown?

Nice af.

In the beauty stakes, Sussex only claimed 3.44 points, which was below the average score of 3.53.

You’re not that bad, we promise. Brighton only rated themselves 3.38. Love yourselves, please.

Surely more than 7/10?

As for happiness, Sussex awarded itself 3.44, and Brighton bagged 3.38. Maybe it’s because clubs in Brighton still think that £3.50 for a double is the epitome of bargains.

The face of happiness…