Best of Fat Poppadaddys 2014

The best photos from Fat Poppadaddys at the Haunt on Mondays.

fat fat poppadaddys haunt monday mondays

Fat Pops is a right of passage for every fresher, a way of life for most second years, and that hurdle you just can’t avoid for third years trying to finish their dissertations.

5 jagers for 5 pounds can be deadly, especially when teamed with a professional photographer… This is what happens

A blonde, a brunette, and a red head walk into a bar…

This guy has had more than 5 jagers

The classic nipple lick

Who let Kevin n’ Perry out on a Monday

The longest finger we ever did see

What were either of them thinking…

“What about me guys…guys?”

That seductive finger

So that’s what happened to Jamie Afro from X Factor

Very post-modern

“What did you do on Monday?” “Just threw some shapes at FP’s”

That pout though…

Jimmy Savile eyes

Egg and Cress… The best

Thumbs up to you too random citizen

5 out of 7 know where the camera is… not bad.

What do gay horses eat? HAAAAYYYYYY

I like your… face

Cigarettes are cool

Something funny? Punk!

And the award for longest arms go to…

What is going on here…

And here…

I was wondering what you had for breakfast

She loves him… But he loves Jerry. And guess what? Jerry loves her.

She was totes going for the bed head look

We got ourselves a badman over here

Just because…

Something stuck up there?

When did pointing become a thing?

Too much flash?

Very nearly a nip-slip

I though knuckle dusters were banned

I’m thirsty too…

Because smiling is too mainstream


The new Sugarbabes line up

Hereth my tongue

Fat Pop’s has got big plans for St. Patrick’s day this Monday, bang your name on the wall for cheap entry.

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