Sussex accommodation stereotypes

Every accommodation has a different character. Which one do you fall into to?

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Whether you’re a first, second or third year, it is likely you have experienced the array of interesting freshers folk cast upon the Sussex student accommodation. We know it’s not always easy fitting in amongst your fellow flatmates so we thought we’d give you a few tips on how to strive and become the best/worst you can be.

Lewes Court/Northfield

  1. Own at least one pair of Abercrombie or Jack Wills joggers, and wear them 90% of the time.
  2. Go to at least one ‘lad’ or ‘girls’ holiday to some STD ridden island and proceed to talk non-stop about how “wavey” you got for the whole of the next term.
  3. Wear nothing but Soul-Cal or Hollister checkered shirts and jeans or chinos. Every day.
  4. Boast about how many pills you popped at T4 on the Beach last summer.
  5. Oceana is a MUST.

East Slope

  1. Listen to nothing but Electro/house music and tell everyone how “sick” these tunes are.
  2. Wear Eastpak rucksacks indoors at the pub and every gig.
  3. Spend 85% of your free time in the Laines shopping for £5 flannel shirts and vinyls no-one’s heard of yet.
  4. Spend the other 15% wearing the same shirt with every Nike sweatshirt you own.
  5. Make hash infused desserts and smoke the “dank shit” with your fellow East Slopers at least twice a week for extra brownie points.
  6. Live on the roof and make sure a flatmate is designated photographer for all your facebook social needs.

A classic East Slope roof pic

Park Houses

  1. Make sure you have at least two drug dealers in your hall and tell everyone you “got loooooaaads of contacts if you want me to hook you up?” Students have needs.
  2. Learn how to successfully construct a slip-and-slide
  3. Keep your room relatively tidy but make sure everywhere past your door is disgustingly untidy
  4. Don’t wash up your own shit.
This guy might have been your neighbour...

This guy might have been your neighbour…


  1. Live with at least one international Asian student.
  2. Act younger than the average age of Brighton primary schools students.
  3. Keep only the ugliest and most derogatory club posters in your kitchen.
  4. Charge people to use your washing machine.
Classic Brighthelm

Classic Brighthelm