Every single struggle you will be able to relate to if you go to Queen’s

The House 2/House 15 confusion

Term at Queen’s University is coming to an end, and as a fresher I thought I’d take some time to reflect on the past year and all of the new experiences I’ve had.

While it’s been a great year and I have many amazing memories, there are just a few not-so-fantastic things I thought I’d point out about the uni which have made day-to-day uni a struggle.

The third floor of the PFC

If you have a lecture on the third floor of the PFC, once you have finally managed to make it to your lecture room you struggle in unable to address your lecturer or classmates due to the fact you are now a red-faced and breathless mess who may as well have just climbed Everest.

The ‘amazing’ rice discovery

Getting terribly sick of hearing about the ‘amazing discovery of arsenic in rice’. Yes, well done, we know, you’ve told us. Thank you. Now I’m going for a Boojum with extra rice.

People presuming you know celebs

Going abroad and being asked if you’ve met Liam Neeson, Carl Frampton or Jamie Dornan.

The House 2/House 15 confusion

Going in House 2 on University Square and somehow end up coming out of House 15. The maze never fails to amaze me.

Mispronouncing names

Making new friends from the South but horribly offending them when you try to spell or pronounce their names for the first time. For example, Caoimhe pronounced Keeva, Aoife pronounced Eefa and Niamh pronounced Neeve.

Mythbusting the war zone

The initial fear of overseas students and their families that they are about to enter a war-torn conflict zone. Then having to explain to them that you have never seen a paramilitary riot or been affected by a bomb scare.

The daily basics

Getting so used to the delicious taste of Soda Bread, Tayto Crisps and the Sukie to cure all hangovers that the struggle of leaving NI is just too much that you have to take a stash with you.


Driving down to University thinking it’ll be a better idea than getting the train or bus as you’re running slightly late but ending up missing all of your classes due to the fact that you can’t find a single parking space. Then having to drive home and copy your lecture notes of QOL, after you’ve refilled your petrol tank that you emptied by just driving about trying to find a space.

The Ballymena accent

Trying to work out whether someone has come from overseas or if they just have a really thick Ballymena accent.

Staying around home

Watching all your friends who have moved away to England, Scotland and Wales embracing their new found freedom and exploring new places then contemplating your life decisions up until this point.

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