Happy International Women’s Day, your lecture on gender history has been cancelled

This is due to strike action

On Tuesday, students in second-year Modern History were supposed to have a lecture on gender history – the only lecture on a predominantly female area of historiography.

The lecture was replaced by a talk on Marxism, the resources of which were not made available online, nor delivered in a way which explored the role of gender history within Marxism.

This lecture was cancelled due to strike action, with the lecturer apologetically adding a note before her lecture slides reading:

"I am currently taking part in the industrial action about the proposed revisions to our pension scheme. This unfortunately means that I will not be able to give my HI2001 lecture on gender. I am truly sorry about this, as this is a topic that I care deeply about.

"There are also plenty of honours modules available that incorporate gender history, if you would like to study this further!"

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It seems ironic that this cancellation occurred two days before International Women Day, a second instance of modern history being accused of neglecting female history and historiography.

International Women's Day is the one day a year where we can celebrate what it means to be women, it just would have been nice if we could've enriched this with knowledge about powerful female intellectuals – and not the six men discussed in the lecture that occurred today.