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Second year house has put Louis Theroux as the star on their Christmas tree

So you can get Theroux exams

Four second years decided to get into the festive spirit straight away and decorate their five-foot tree with something extra special. The housemates decided to top their tree with the beautiful, and iconic face, of Louis Theroux.

The girls, who live in town, turned their four-bed house into a party zone, with Louis at the forefront of the documentary-worthy action. Poppy, Verity, Allina and Emmie all got in the Christmas spirit by crafting the star of Louis' iconic 1990s 'documentary face'.

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Everybody's favourite awkward presenter was fashioned into a star to top their tree, representing his actual star quality.

The Tab interviewed the creator of the star, Poppy, on how she found her inspiration. "I created it because I personally believe that there is no higher honour than being the star on a tree, and that no one deserves that honour more than the national treasure that is louis Theroux.

This is so much more than just a Christmas tree – it is a representation of all that is great, and seeing it in our living room is a daily reminder that, despite the world's tumultuous state at the moment, there is still good in the world. Merry therouxmas xoxo"

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This star seems to be lost for words, and Louis Theroux has not yet made a visit to St Andrews to anoint the tree. He has been contacted via Twitter, so all we can do is hope for the best.