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St Andrews Crushes has been deleted

Good news, a new one is being set up

Ah, crushes. The iconic and savage ways to tell someone you either hate them or fancy them. Or both.

From bra girl to people asking who the guy Matthew is who comments on every post, crushes is as much an institution of St Andrews as Sally Mapstone herself. The page was so popular that the page has had to be deleted in order to begin again, with over 4000 crushes submitted in a four month period. Good job, St Andrews. Now please get out and talk to each other?

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Devastating news

To viewers dismay, this morning, when St Andrews Crushes 3.0 was clicked on, we were sadly directed to a "content no longer here" screen. Thousands of unfulfilled dreams wept that the "hot union bartender" will never give them a second glance.

However, news is recently upon us that a new page has already been set up and is racing faster than ever. Let's hope that this page has less fetishisation of certain religious groups and individuals, so we can actually get back to some good old-fashioned fancying.

Hope this news didn't crush you xoxo