The last sinners of term has been cancelled

The sports night has been cancelled due to high winds

april fools cancelled night sinners sports union

The last sports sinners of the term has been cancelled. The event, which was due to take place on 12th April, gives sports teams the opportunity to get exclusive band access to the Student Association’s club 601.However, this time it appears that you debauched sinners won’t get a chance to show off your moves.  The event usually caters to around seven-hundred students who are, in some way, involved in sport. The event is known for its heavy drinking atmosphere and it is expected that many will be extremely disappointed that their last chance to sin in 601 has been taken away.


The reason given for the cancellation was the advent of high winds, which has made the usual venue of 601 unavailable. The possibility of finding a new venue was suggestion but unfortunately nowhere could accommodate the sheer number of people wearing Saint Sports jackets.

The Tab suggests that all you Saints ballers try and console yourself with the knowledge that the next sinners is only six months away. However, with the precarious weather situation it is possible that this cancellation may extend to future and further terms.

It is understood that as no wristbands have currently been sold by the union, there will be no further action taken concerning the sinners that has been cancelled. 601 will, unfortunately, remain vacant while sports teams must contend with main bar and house parties to get them through this difficult situation.

Ok, before you all panic: look at the date. See what it is? April 1st? HAPPY APRIL FOOL’S from The Tab St Andrews. We hope to join you in the actually happening sinners. Happy practical joking everyone.