Ma Bells will be open every night this week for Refreshers

Party like it’s Tuesday night, every night

Ma Bells’ Refreshers Week is here to distract students from their return to classes, every night from Monday 25th.

Ma Bells, usually relegated to the Tuesday night spot, will be open every night this week to usher in another semester of socials, Snowsports, and shots. As always, entry will be free and drinks will be cheap.


Scott Gordon (better known as //SG) will offer his customary brand of house music on this first night of Refreshers.


DJ FLO, no entry fee, and £2 shots. A photographer will also be present to commemorate the first of many 2016 Ma Bells Tuesdays.



It’s not technically Sinners, but sports teams will likely be out in droves for the first round of 2016 socials. DJ of the night: Staley Sharples, aka Kalliope.


Pre-drink at Management Society’s Adamson social before joining DJ Alasdair Todd for the fourth night of Refreshers.


With an entire week gone by to recover from the ski trip, SAS can join DJ Joe Grimeh for the dawn of a new semester of Snowsports Fridays.



For those who make it to the final night of Refreshers, Derek Woods and James Wright will DJ until 2am arrives, signally the beginning of Week two.

Aside from the standard £2.50 mixed drinks, an assortment of cocktails can be mixed in the earlier hours of the night. From the classic (mojito, cosmo, margarita) to the unusual (pornstar martini, jager daisy, hendricks tea party), drinks can be found to suit every taste.

Begin 2016 the best way you possibly can: with no themes, no dress codes, and no broken glasses.