What to Wear: FS

Eyes Wide Shut

After Paris, Milan and New York … it’s finally fashion show season in St Andrews! To kick off, we’ve got the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show, the most anticipated event of the year! That leads us to my favourite and most dreaded question: what to wear? Well, the clock is ticking, and with only a few days left until the show, we better get straight down to business…

The theme of this year’s show is “Eyes Wide Shut” and according to Suzanna of the FS creative team, the theme “allows for the exploration of the diverse nature of dreams, from the unsettling of the lucid to those more fantastical and surreal”. What exactly is meant by that is open to your interpretation, so get creative!

Generally speaking, FS definitely is the event of the year that’s worth getting dressed up for. Guys, you should probably be going for a suit, but feel free to add a statement piece, which reflects the theme of the night. Ladies, you have a couple more options here. Use accessories to glam up your outfit. Check out these outfits for some inspiration!

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See you on the runway!

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