Girl meets dress

…and they fell in love.

“Girl Meets Dress” is The UK’s first designer dress hire company with a collection of over 4,000 dresses from 150 designers. Established in London in 2009, GMD gives the opportunity for girls to have their dream wardrobe for any special occasion. The Stand met Karla Reyes (Brand Ambassador Manager) and Jillian Christopher (Marketing Rep) to find out about this extraordinary service in the Bubble.



The Stand– Tell us more about Girl Meets Dress! How did you decide to become a Brand Ambassador in St Andrews?

Karla – St Andrews is a unique place with a plethora of social events throughout the academic year. Unfortunately, the town offers limited retail options, so girls often find themselves traveling to Dundee or Edinburgh in order to find appropriate attire for a night out. Even though the shopping might be successful, the chances that someone else will be in the same dress or that girls will only wear the dress once are quite high. I had used a similar dress rental service in the US and thought that there might be a market for it in St Andrews. Let’s face it: girls don’t like it when someone else turns up to an event in the same outfit. All of the dresses GMD offers are either brand new or in excellent condition, so you don’t need to make a tough decision.


The Stand How do you find the ideal/proper dress? Any advice?

Karla, Jillian – The website has a categorisation, which you might find helpful. You can choose from black tie, ball gowns, date, wedding, job interview, etc. You can even complete your look with a matching bag, shoes or other accessories. There are also online style advisers, who can help you to look flawless and make your night memorable.


The Stand – Sounds really good. What’s the price range for the dress hire?

Karla, Jillian – The prices start from £29: this includes dry-cleaning service. You can even order up to 3 dresses, try them on and decide on your favourite, and the price for unworn dresses will be refunded.


The Stand – And what will happen if the designer dress is damaged during the night?

Karla – As we mentioned before, GMD takes care of the dry cleaning! You do have the option, however, of paying a small £7 insurance fee if you are not confident in your immaculateness.


The Stand –Can you share any future plans with our readers?

Karla, Jillian –Some of the projects are at the negotiation stage, but we are looking forward to collaborating with local hair and beauty salons in the near future to provide students with even more exclusive deals and discounts to look their best at each event.



The Stand – And the last question, are you planning to launch a similar service for men?

Karla, Jillian – There is definitely a potential market for this. Right now we are working for female customers. However, who knows what lies ahead!


Exclusively to The Stand girls shared a promotion. You can get £10 off from your hire. Just enter GMDBA2013STA at checkout! For updates and more information, please visit their Facebook page.

Also….(aren’t we so good to you?) GMD just made a deal with Fresh Looks Salon on Bell Street to give renters a 10% discount on all treatments. Just present an email confirmation of your rental. You heard it here first, ladies.

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