Stand Up: Maia Krall Fry

The Stand met with Maia Krall Fry, in her second year and well-known around town for directing the winning short from last year’s 60 Hour Film Blitz, and of course […]

The Stand met with Maia Krall Fry, in her second year and well-known around town for directing the winning short from last year’s 60 Hour Film Blitz, and of course the legendary St Andrews Girls music vid. In her latest venture, she’s been shortlisted for The Guardian Education’s Very Short film competition with her entry on Geology, and she’s here to win your votes!

Tell us about the competition! What was the brief?

Well, The Guardian requested that students in full time education create a short film of just one minute, conveying complex ideas in a creative and passionate way.

We’ve seen the film and it is indeed pretty passionate!

Thank you! I did it in a bit of a rush so it was quite energetic.

What made you pick the subject?

Geology is my degree, and I’ve always been interested in science communications. It’s generally incredibly important that knowledge of the history of the Earth is accessible to everyone. Reliance and connection with Earth’s resources is so vital, increasingly so, and I love exploring this interest in people and bringing it to life. After all, it’s the story of our Earth, our universe and us! 

Cute. So how does the voting work?

Twelve films were long-listed from around 100 entries. This is open to a public vote online, and the top four with the most votes are invited to London to hold a speech on their subject in front of a panel of judges.

Can you see how you’re doing?

Nope, it’s a mystery! Voting is totally blind, but I have spotted that Oxford have posted their entrants on their Facebook group, which has 800,000 likes… Freddie and all the Sabs have been so supportive, and we really want to represent for St Andrews!

We’ll get voting!

Yes! The next stage with the speech is something I really want to do. I’d love to have the experience, and of course spread the word of science communication!

Awesome. So we know you’ve worked with our favourite troop of singing men, The Other Guys, but what other projects have you done in the past?

I’ve mainly worked with fiction film, directing my first drama at 17. Ebony Road was the winner of Portobello Film Festival Best Drama award, and that journey taught me so, so much. I was incredibly surprised with the amount of support industry professionals are willing to give to young creatives!

I also worked with Steel Mill Pictures in London (a production company currently working on a new Gemma Arterton movie, Song for Marion), which gave me great experience working with a larger budget and bigger crew and cast. Recently I’ve been exploring my own interests and style, as well as doing lots of promo work within St Andrews!



You’re also the president of Ré (note: ‘ray’ not ‘ree’!) Pictures, the filmmaking subcommittee of the Student’s Association!

I am! Myself and the former president of came up with the name: it’s actually Scottish Gaelic, meaning ‘everything’, the universe, all-encompassing. We spent last semester completely rebranding what was formerly Rogue Productions, working closely with the SSC and Sabs to create a new bond with media in the town.

Nice! So what kind of thing is the subcommittee going to achieve?

We want to support filmmaking in St Andrews, and anyone who’s interested in story telling. Mainly, we’re offering brand new equipment that is free to rent, funding for projects we feel need the money, and (hopefully!) offering expertise and advice, as well running the annual Half Cut film festival.

Half Cut is back?

Yes! And we’ve got some very exciting people coming along to judge… I’ve been told I’m not allowed to spill though.

Not even a clue?!

Well… just think of some of the biggest names in film festival history and they might be there!

Sounds very exciting. So what we’re all really dying to know is, how was working with The Other Guys? Divas?

They’re fantastic! I loved working with them all, as individuals and in a group.

Who’s your favourite?

Ah! I couldn’t choose, I love them all.

Could you be a candidate for a Stand Blind Date?

Haha, I am single, yes.

Your name is going on the waiting list. How long do we have left to vote for you in the competition?

The voting closes on 26th of this month (that’s Tuesday!), so get voting whilst you still can! Represent St Andrews!

 Click here to visit The Guardian and vote for Maia’s entry. Bring on Victory! 


Headline image ©Rose Pallone

Photograph of The Other Guys  ©Alexander Wolf Griffiths