Meet the Soton student who made a TikTok taking diss pics at random places around campus

She took a picture with the defibrillator because ‘Soton takes my breath away’

It’s diss pictures season! Every Soton student tries to get the classic diss picture outside Hartley and last year a student even made an Instagram filter so students could get their diss picture outside Hartley during the first lockdown. If you’re a humanities student you will probably get a picture outside the Avenue doors. And if you’re lucky enough to have a nice building for your course (sorry, not you Maths), you’ll get a picture outside there too. If you want to turn it into a full photoshoot you could even walk around campus and find all the pretty places.

Or, if you’re someone like Evie, you’ll go take your diss pictures at all the random places on Soton campus. Evie even made a TikTok to document her photoshoot, which now has over 81,000 views.

Why did you decide to take your diss pictures in random places around campus?

Evie said she was taking pictures for her friend and they were trying to find all the pretty places on campus and then started joking about awful the Maths building is. They decided to take pictures outside the Maths building and then the photoshoot spiralled from there.

What’s the reaction been like on TikTok?

She said a lot of prospective Southampton students have messaged her saying they’re thinking about coming to Southampton after seeing the TikTok – at least the ugly places on campus didn’t put them off.  Even old Southampton students have found the TikTok and “said it was nice to see Soton on their FYP”.

Evie said: “The top comment said I’m weak for not going in the pond but I’m not sure I’m built for standing in those waters.”

She also said: “If I knew it was going to get over 81,000 views, I would’ve made my housemate take nicer photos.”

What was your favourite pic?

Evie said her favourite picture was definitely the one with the defibrillator because “Soton takes my breath away”. I personally love the picture in the phone box that seems like it’s never been used.

Evie did also get a diss picture at a prettier part of campus, proving that not all of campus is ugly or boring.

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