Solent students create petition to change the university’s no detriment policy

Students are disappointed that the university has not considered different alternatives in supporting the creative and practical courses

A petition has been made to implement a fairer grading system and to support all students for this academic year at Solent University.

Normally, Solent students’ final grade is made up from the top 100 credits from both Level 5 (second year) and Level 6 (third year).

However, due to a new policy, the university has stated that this academic year: “Level 6 students will have their degree calculated using the average module for the top 100 credits only at Level 6.”

This has sparked debate from numerous students, particularly from the Film students at Solent University.

This petition was started by Film Production course representatives.

The petition says: “This simply is not fair, to begin with, it implies that we are performing at the same standard we typically would be despite Covid-19.

“Alongside this students do not have access to equipment or suitable study areas yet are graded normally. Not to mention the impact of Covid-19 on students’ mental/spiritual wellbeing, adding pressure to the unusual circumstances we are currently dealing with.

“With many individuals being away from family and friends or unable to travel due to being international students. The new policy does not take this into account.”

Although the university has given extensions to coursework, many students have mentioned that they have not had practical experience, such as lighting or colour grading workshops. They say this means they have been unable to develop these skills for their final year projects.

The petition also says: “The No Detriment Policy does not consider that students on practical courses will potentially perform at a much lower level due to the written aspect of their new assessments. We have not had the academic experience in writing pre-Covid and so it is unfair we are marked without consideration for this matter.”

One of the creators of the petition told the Soton Tab that Solent “have given a blanket solution” without communicating with lectures or students. The university has not taken into consideration the diverse range of courses and assessments.

The petition sets out three solutions they would encourage the university to consider. The first asks the university to ensure “students’ final grade is not lower than their previous grade averages”. They also ask for “lower grade boundaries to accommodate student struggles” and that course representatives be involved in future Student Union votes.

You can sign the petition here.

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