Solent investigating after students throw 21st birthday party in lockdown

‘This is the height of irresponsibility’

Solent University is investigating after a group of Solent students hosted a 21st birthday party, breaching national lockdown rules.

The students posted a 10-second clip of them drinking and partying on their Instagram story on the night of Friday 8th January.

It has not been confirmed how many students were in attendance, but according to videos seen by The Daily Echo, a “large group” can be seen “crammed together” in one room.

Solent University has launched an investigation into incident, with a spokesperson telling the Daily Echo they need to “establish the full facts” before any further action is taken.

The spokesperson continued: “At Solent the health and wellbeing of our students, staff and wider community is our top priority.

“We are committed to ensuring our students understand their responsibilities during this challenging time and our Student Commitment and Student Charter set out their obligations to keeping themselves and others safe.

“Any report of a student falling short of the standards we expect is investigated and any incident breaking Covid-19 rules, or the guidance laid out in these documents, is dealt with in line with our internal disciplinary procedures.

“We also continue to work closely with local police to address any problems that arise and to support their increased presence around student residences and other hotspots in the city.”

The MP for Southampton Itchen, Royston Smith, said: “Solent University has done a great deal to keep their students and the wider community safe so this is particularly disappointing. The rules are clear and they know it.

“What they might not know is should they infect each other and one of them infects a vulnerable person they may well be giving that person a death sentence. This is the height of irresponsibility.”

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