Soton students vote in favour of a partial refund of uni halls fees

95 per cent of Soton students voted in favour

University of Southampton students have voted in favour of offering a partial refund of accommodation fees to those in University Halls.

In a statement, SUSU said: “A total of 2,704 votes were received with 95 per cent of students voting to support the statement ‘The University should offer a partial refund of halls accommodation fees to all students in University halls.’ This turnout is over the 10 per cent quoracy required for SUSU All Student Votes.”

Students at over 30 unis are asking for rent rebates in the biggest strike in 40 years, because they are not permitted to return on-site and live in their accommodation. Universities such as Warwick, Nottingham, Sheffield and many others have also decided to waive rent or give rent refunds to students not on campus.


SUSU has also outlined the next steps in order to support the vote.

“On Monday 11 January Olivia Reed, SUSU President, will be presenting this result to the University Executive Board.

“In the meeting we will be asking for the University to consider principles of fairness and to take action. We will be presenting evidence of policies put in place by other universities and asking the University to show support for the difficulties students are facing. We will also be asking the University to support us in lobbying for students facing rent struggles in non-university accommodation.”

SUSU said it will share further updates as soon as they are able to.