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Soton’s most eligible bachelorette 2019: Heat One

They’re fit, fun and one of them loves dark fruits

With the first heat of most eligible bachelors out, it's time to vote for the girls. One claims she can't be tied down, the other promises she can knit better than your nan…but which one should go through to the next round?

Vicky Sheehy, Medicine

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Vicky has been described by her friends as a sassy single student looking for some fun. She is also known as the world's shittest tea maker and proudly admits she can almost definitely knit better than your nan.

Ideal first date?

Being serenaded at Stags karaoke.

Zoe Trivett, Music

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Zoe is supposedly the most single person her friends have ever met due to the fact that no one can tie her down. She has been described as sexy, smart, and apparently has an amazing singing voice.

Zoe is the life and soul of every pre and was described by her best mate in three words as a "proper boozy babe".

Ideal first date?

A quick drink (she's a cheap date). But if you really wanted to impress her take her to a gig.

Rachel Winter, Illustration

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Rachel says can drink more dark fruits than anyone else in Soton and is known for busting out some "outrageous" moves on the dance floor. Her job at Mango pretty much guarantees you'll be able to help yourself to a consistent amount of peng food.

Rachel is a fan of dressing up fancy but can also regularly be seen in Hartley in her trackies – so she's is definitely a girl that can 'do both'.

Three words to best describe Rachel would be: "She loves attention".

Ideal first date?

Going to a dog sanctuary or getting drunk and chatting about Harry Potter.

Ceire Quinn, Law

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Ceire claims she is the ideal bachelorette due to the fact that she has great tits and loves to get drunk. Three words Ceire used to describe herself was: "petite, pretty and perky".

Ideal first date?

A nice bar or pub for some drinks. She's easy to please.

Remember, nominations are still open so send them in here, its still all to play for. Now it's time to vote for your favourite:

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