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Soton’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2019: Heat One

Nandos, Condos and some very good hair.

Here we have our first four students contending for the coveted title of Soton's Most Eligible Bachelor 2019, each with their very own charms.

We posed each candidate a series of questions in order to help you decide who should progress to the final. The power is in your hands, so choose wisely

Conor Chapman, Accounting and Finance

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Submitted by his housemate, it's not hard to see why Conor is a strong candidate for the title.


Conor was seeing three different girls at once and like the gentleman he is, invited all three round when they found out to sort the dilemma. Seeking to apologise, instead Conor ended up having a foursome.

Ideal first date?

Generally, Conor is known for taking his first dates to London for a night away at his condo and an expensive meal in a michelin star restaurant. Conor makes out he pays for all this, yet in reality his dad owns both the condo and the restaurant. Impressive.

Toby Harrison, Business Management

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We have been informed that, if Toby shags as well as he dresses, his date is in for a real treat. Whilst dressing well is obviously a necessity for this title, he's also got great hair to top it off. His friends described him in three words as: "Fit, fun and floppy."

Ideal first date?

In the words of his mate, 'getting a bit ketty with someone sketty'. Enough said.

Billy Turner, CGI

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Billy is an eligible candidate because of his irresistible charisma and charm – always a winning combo. It seems he has just the right chat to sweep a girl off her feet. In three words, he's described as "Shagger, sesh, sexy."

Ideal first date?

When we said he keeps it classic, we meant it. Billy opts for a cheeky Nandos, hopefully followed by an equally cheeky shag.

Daner Saviano, Biomed

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He's committed to commitment issues, and apparently Daner has to lock the doors to his room to stop the girls getting in. One thing is for certain, he's mastered the smoulder. The three words that sum up Daner is "BIG DICK ENERGY"

Ideal first date?

Red wine and halo top ice cream – at least the ice cream is fancy.

So, these are your first four candidates, vote for your fave bachelor below.

Remember, nominations are still open so send them in here, its still all to play for. Now it's time to vote for your favourite: