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Nominations for Soton’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette 2019 are now open!

Everyone wants to be them or be with them

Now, not long ago, we asked who you thought was Southampton's Cutest Couple and you gave us some (sickly) sweet love stories. From meeting in the famous Oceana cheese room, romantic home-cooked meals and slightly unimpressive but very cute walks at Riverside Park, you inspired us all.

But step aside Soton's cutest couples, it's the sexy singles turn now. We're on the hunt to find Soton's most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes!

What makes someone worthy of this title? Ask yourself this: Are you known for your amazing style, great banter and incredible hosting skills at pres? Are you the master of first date ideas? Maybe it's your great hair and smile that's seemingly irresistible? Or perhaps you're just exceptional in the bedroom?

If you've just thought to yourself "yes, yes and yes!" then you could be crowned Soton's most eligible bachelor and bachelorette? Or if you know someone who fits all the above criteria, then nominate them now!

There will also be a special surprise for the winners *gasp*.