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Meet the Soton students trying to get you to feel your boobs

You too, boys

It may be Halloween season, but there is one scare that we can definitely do without – breast cancer. It is the most commonly diagnosed cancer for women in the UK, and affects a proportion of men as well.

As we celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness month, we thought we'd introduce the Uni Boob team and hear what they are doing to raise funds and awareness to help prevent and cure this disease.

Who are the Uni Boob team?

A group of students recruited by CoppaFeel!, a breast cancer awareness organisation who have teams in universities over the country. They host a variety of events over the year in order to raise money and awareness about breast cancer.

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Why does it matter?

According to the CoppaFeel! website, one in eight women are affected by breast cancer during their lifetime. But it's not only the ladies that need to be on the look out – 400 men are also diagnosed in the UK every year.

What can we do?

Checking your boobs regularly for any of the key symptoms can help catch the disease in it's early stages – increasing the chance that you can make a full recovery! Changes in how they feel and look are the main things to look out for – the charity have put together a helpful diagram to help people know what to look for.

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Sign up to their mobile alerts so you don't forget to check

According to CoppaFeel!, we should be checking our breasts every month. It may sounds excessive, but it's so important to treat cancer in it's early stages. It can come about at any time in your life, so it's so key to have a lil monthly catch up with ya boobs.

CoppaFeel! have set up a monthly text reminder. It costs 15p for the first text, and it is free from then on. The monthly message will remind you to check your boobs – simple. It doesn't take a lot to sign up, but might end up saving your life.

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What if you spot something unusual?

If you spot any of the above symptoms that aren't normal for your boobs, go to your GP. Even if it is nothing, it is worth checking with a professional.

What events do they have coming up?

They recently held a glitter stall at RetroJam in Switch, in which you could pay a small amount to get glittered up! They have a number of cake sales, and other events throughout the year which you can support or get involved with.

In the next few weeks, CoppaFeel! are also teaming up with the cocktail society for a quiz night. There will be cocktail themed raffle here as well. We're already sold.


They are currently doing a raffle, in which you can buy a ticket for 20p, and a strip for £1, to be in with a chance to win some fabooblous prizes (I'm sorry, I tried) such as a beaut coffee and Christmas hamper and Nando's giftcards. You can either buy the tickets directly from a boob representative, or at their stall at the Christmas lights switch on. The winners will be announced at the end of the light switch on.