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We spoke to people on their year abroad to find out the truth about what it’s like

It might not be just one giant holiday

Bomb found in Riverside Park, near Wessex Lane

Police and a bomb disposal squad were called to the scene

SUSU Spring Elections Results 2019 – live blog!

The suspense is unbearable

Paedophile caught in Portswood Aldi car park

He was given a suspended sentence

Southampton Uni has been ranked fifth in the world for Nursing

The new QS University rankings were released today

‘I believe my unique experiences would be beneficial’: Abigail Mustard is running for VP Activities

She plans to update the website and place more emphasis on societies

‘I helped my team raise £229k for charity last year’: Meet Emily Harrison, running for Union President

She wants to focus on improving recycling, and the Uni’s catering services

A rundown of the 2019 SUSU candidates and what they’re campaigning for

And so it begins

Southampton’s Best Couple 2019 – The Final

The power of loveee

Southamptons’s Best Couple – Heat Three

It’s gettin’ hot in here

Southampton’s Best Couple 2019 – Heat Two

It’s a love story, baby just say yes

Southampton’s Best Couple 2019 – Heat One


It’s time to nominate for Southamptons’s best couple!

Love is in the air

A woman has died after being hit by a car on The Avenue

The incident occurred near Padwell Road

Man charged for knife attack on Southampton Common

Two people required medical attention after the attack on Thursday

How to decorate your house for Christmas, student-style

Deck the (student) halls

The definitive list of every little thing that pisses off Southampton students

If you don’t relate, you’re probs a Solent x

Hundreds sign petition calling for new Southampton VC to take a salary cut

Staff launched the petition arguing a better distribution of wages is needed

Meet the Soton students trying to get you to feel your boobs

You too, boys

Titanic 2 to set sail from Southampton in 2022

I guess this is take two?

Union President ‘on leave until further notice’ following war mural controversy

Emily Dawes has received death threats and pictures posted online claiming to be her nudes

Elrow made last minute theme-change to Halloween event out of respect for murdered local schoolgirl

The Lucy character has been dropped

Want one easy thing you can do to improve your mental health? Have an Instagram detox!

You’ll thank us later

Rejoice! Southampton Uni have reduced the cost of printing

Students will now save up to nearly 50 per cent on printing

19 things you’ll only truly understand if you lived in Highfield halls

Yes, it does exist

It’s official, Southampton University is second in the South-East

We beat Sussex, Surrey and Portsmouth

Britain’s Got Talent is coming to Southampton!

Get ready

Southampton University ranked within the top 100 in the world!

The QS World Rankings have been released

The Edge and The Box Bar have been named the UK’s best LGBT+ nightclub!


The Naked Bike Ride is coming to Southampton this Friday!

It’s getting hot in here…

Southampton ranks in the UK’s top 25 Universities in the Guardian’s new League Table

We’re nailin’ it

Eight teams of firefighters called to tackle large fire at Southampton Docks

It broke out just before 2:00pm last Thursday

Vote for Southampton’s Biggest Bullshitter!

The final has begun…

Everything you said you were going to do this year in and around Soton, but haven’t

And probs won’t

We should know on Friday whether the strikes are continuing

A vote is being held as we speak

Uni of Southampton to scrap Humanities degrees

The focus will be on STEM subjects

Which iconic Phillip Schofield Snapchat are your Soton halls?

The Schofe has spoken

An open letter to the people who slice Domino’s pizza

It had to be done

It’s time to nominate Southampton’s Biggest Bullshitter!

You know who we’re talking about

Why students are deciding to join the UCU protests

They’re standing in solidarity with our staff

VP Welfare Candidate Interview: Miriam Barker

Here’s what she had to say

The Undateables’ Daniel Wakeford is coming to Southampton!

So much sexy

What your library outfit says about you

Go on, spot ’em

How safe is Portswood really?

Kinda not very

It’s time to stop hating on social sciences

Yes, they count as a science

Where to get absolutely trollied in Portswood on a budget


18-year-old in critical condition after being hit by taxi

She is currently at Southampton General Hospital

All the pros and cons of living in a massive student house

One word: mess

The 15 most terrifying things about being a Student at Southampton

It’s not all £1 shots & ice-cream shops

The ultimate Southampton University bucket list

Try them all!