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Meet the Charity Shop Boy: The laid-back guy with a wardrobe better than yours

He definitely has a second Instagram for his sub-par photography skills


Boy-kind is made up of a variety of different species: the fuckboy, the sad boy, the roadman, the dad, etc. Recently, however, a new breed has developed: the charity shop boy.

The charity shop boy's biggest priority is looking unique – he strives to find the "indie-est garm" that he can show to his charity shop friends who will undoubtedly pull out the exact same item from their wardrobe.

Although the charity shop boy is extremely aware of his image, he continues to uphold the laid back impression that all he cares about is smoking a fat doobie with his mates and talking about the 26th dimension.

Here are the characteristics that all charity shop boys will definitely possess:

Their clothes are always too big for them

From oversized jumpers and baggy trousers, to coats that look like they're slowly digesting them – the charity shop boy can't seem to find clothes that fit him. This casual style adds to his relaxed attitude to life, and implies he doesn't actually care about fashion because it's too "materialistic".

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Raves and K are their favourite weekend past-times

Essential to the charity shop image is their impeccable taste in "cool" music. A bit of dnb on the weekend would never go a miss, especially if it gives them the opportunity to snort half their body weight in drugs.

Unlike the roadman, you'll never find the charity shop boy moshing at these events (he's waaaaayyy too laid back for that). Instead, you'll find him two-stepping through a k-hole in the corner.

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mate, i am gone.

In his private time he listens to Indie Rock and Alternative music

If you look on his Spotify you'll defo find a playlist entitled "Smooth" or "Dusk" – or any other word that has no real relevance to the music but are instead "the first word that comes in my head innit".

These playlists are likely to be made of up of Tame Impala and Jungle, which he will listen to whilst laying in bed and pondering on all the women he let slip away.

Reeboks, Air Max, Air Force

Their shoes are either spotless, just-out-of-the-box clean or dirty and worn out. Shoes are a significant part of the charity shop boy's image, so make sure to compliment them – easiest way to their hearts.

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ahh watch my shoes man, they're new

He says "dude" way too much

Angry, happy, sad, let down or amazed – "dude?!?!" will be his response.

He definitely won't be the one to make the first move

The charity shop boy's pulling technique is mid-way between the sad boy and the fuckboy. Like the sad boy he won't make the first move but this is more about upholding his cool image than just being socially awkward. Like the fuckboy he's smooth and knows how to charm girls, but he defo won't be popping up to you on Snapchat with "Hey, b x" at 3am.

The charity shop boy will be the one at the bar, eye-fucking you until you can't hold back anymore and are forced to go over.

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'He's just so cool and sexy'

He's likely to study a humanities subject

Philosophy, History, Politics, Theatre Studies, English: the charity shop boy is well-read and loves debating about the complexities of the modern world (even if this is often encouraged by extreme intoxication).

He is also in touch with his feminine side and is not afraid to cry – adding to his unique and appealing image.

His Instagram is v edgy

The charity shop boy has little social media presence. He's unlikely to use Snapchat unless he's posting a pic of a sunset from his bedroom window. On Facebook, he won't share anything unless it's a video on PMA or the harmful effects of plastic.

He is most present on Instagram, where he'll post an over-edited picture of a glass of water every couple of months and consider himself "arty".

He's also likely to have a second Instagram account for only his nearest and dearest, where he attempts to show off his less-than-average photography skills.

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guys, can u go follow my second page pls x

Depop is his life

Depop was designed for the charity shop boy. It's almost like a charity shop Tinder, where charity shop boys buy clothes and try and find their charity shop wife.

Finally, and most significantly, the charity shop boy doesn't even shop in charity shops…

As ironic as it is, although he looks as though his mismatching, washed-out wardrobe came from the Save the Children down the road, it didn't.

In fact, most of his wardrobe consists of second-hand clothing from overpriced vintage shops or overpriced clothing from Urban Outfitters and Topman.

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