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Literally meet the Jack to your Dani

No matter what you were doing this summer, it's almost guaranteed that you were unable to avoid Love Island. And even if you weren't one of the 3.6 million people who watched the final, you probably still know who Jack and Dani are.

The couple (who were clearly the best, let's be real) won with a massive 79.6% of the public vote, easily making them the favourites of the series.

Other contestants, such as the infamous Adam have released dates of their UK tours and appearances. But the one we've got our eye on is Jack's appearance at our very own Oceana!

Jack will be appearing on the 16th August (just 2 days away!!) for a wild night at Oceana Southampton and you can get your tickets here before it's too late! Just don't get to close or Dani might have something to say…