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Everyone stay calm, but Adam from Love Island is coming to Soton


So the world cup isn't coming home, but that's okay, because Adam from Love Island already has – and he's released a tasty list of all of his club appearances.

Love him or hate him, you can't deny that Adam Collard was an important part of this year's Love Island narrative (and he wasn't too bad on the eyes either). Between July and November, he's going to be grafting hard and touring the UK, stopping off absolutely everywhere and anywhere, from Newcastle to Coventry. Luckily for us he's doing not one, but TWO whole visits to Southampton.

If you're around Soton on 7th August then crack on to Oceana, where you're very likely to run in to the 6'5", 22-year-old beast of a boy. Don't worry if you're not though, because he's back at Oceana again for a little bit of student therapy on 19th September – just in time for Freshers'.

Originally, it was reported that he would be gracing our lovely uni with his presence on Wednesday the 26th September. However, his management agency have since informed us that said proposed engagement at the uni has not been confirmed and will not go ahead. Whether we pied him off or the other way round is still unclear, but suuureeely two appearances is enough?