Everything you said you were going to do this year in and around Soton, but haven’t

And probs won’t

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As it nears the end of the year (already?!?), we thought we'd compile a list of everything you said you were going to do this year, but undoubtedly haven't. You still have time before we break up though, so go for it. (Note: this excludes the obvious things like doing the reading work when it is set, cause it probably is too late for that).


We all say we're going to use the Christian Union's free text-a-toastie service (text a number, ask a question about Christianity and get a free toastie delivered to your door). However, when it comes down to it, a Papa John's delivery involving minimal human interaction usually pips it to the post. Does this say something about society? Undoubtedly. Will we ever change? Probably not.

Go to the Isle of Wight

"The ferry is only £8, we really should go" is often heard echoing around campus. However, the reality is when we have a free day, the comforting lure of a day spent at home in our PJs usually seems a tad more appealing.

Go to the Titanic Museum

Now, unless you're an eager History student (or freaked out when your parents came to visit) the chances are you haven't been to the Titanic Museum yet. It's a shame, because it's meant to be amazing. But it's also in the city centre, so, like, effort.

Go to the optional lectures

We were so hopeful at the beginning of the year. So young and naive. Yes, these extra lectures might be an interesting way to spend an hour or two of your life, and help you in your future endeavours. But when the alarm goes off at 8am and you know attendance isn't compulsory, there are certainly priorities.

Watch something at Nuffield Theatre

It is an amazing building right on our doorstep, with prices often cheaper than Mayflower. Yet, often a Southampton student will opt to spend their precious money on a box of VK instead. Just how it is.

See someone play at the Guildhall

There have actually been some decent acts on at the Guildhall since it was built, from David Bowie to Amy Winehouse. But alas, rarely does a student take advantage of this great venue.

Go to the New Forest

It's so close, yet so far. Plus, a pain to get to if you don't have a car. However, if the weather's nice, it is definitely worth the train or bus fare.

Go to the Cinema de Luxe

The same price as the Odeon but with much more luxurious leather seats, what's not to love? It's like watching the latest releases from the comfort of your living room. Kind of.