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New Year’s resolutions you will only make if you’re a Southampton student

Sorry, Tariq!

It's fair to say that some of us will start 2018 with a New Year's resolution/s and the high hopes that we will become an improved version of ourselves this year and achieve more. Whether you'd like to get fit or stop smoking, take up meditating or go a bit easier on your liver, there's a handful of resolutions that you will only make if you are a student in Southampton.

In 2018 you may attempt to:

Go into Charlie's Bargain Booze less frequently

Convenient, iconic, homely like popping into your alcoholic Nan's, realistically we all know that it's not that cheap in there and that you can't buy a new liver in West Quay all that easily so going in less would probably benefit us all (still let me in though plz guys).

Spend more time in Hartley Library

Bit of a trek from Portswood and bit of a pain in the arse in general, but more time in the libs would likely improve our grades and make us feel like we have our shit together a bit more.

Go home for food after a night out instead of ending up in Manzil's or Charcoal Grill

Big love to Tariq, Baba and co, the curry is outstanding on the taste buds and the Britney medley is simply moving, but it's just not great on the bank balance when you decide to buy about 62 naan breads for the squad when you're slaughtered.

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Should be paying rent at this point

Join a new society

Maybe you'd like to try new things, spruce up the CV, or simply go on more socials, there are shit loads of societies to choose from and you never know what it could lead to (well ya do it's a dodgy liver).

Go to Bournemouth/Winchester/Isle of Wight for the day

We all bloody say it "Yeah we'll deffo go Winchester for a change of scenery", "Bournemouth isn't that long on the train is it, we'll go" but still spend the whole semester in Costa del Soton.

Spend more/any time in the Jubilee Gym

I can't even comment on this one as I've never been in, climbing the hill en route to campus is enough like Kilimanjaro, but I take my hat off to everyone who does.

Overcome your fear of the lovely family of rodents that you will encounter as you walk through Lover's Walk

A bit shitty for Humanities students, unless you have an affinity for rats and squirrels, then more the power to you.

Go to more lectures

You've realised over Christmas how fucked you will be if you end up living in your hometown when you graduate so you acknowledge that you need to buck up your ideas and put your head down, nice one.

Arrive at Stag's early on a Thurs to get a coveted booth

Standing is no joy.

Take it easier on the quad vods and or Jesticles

You've bought a number of them, you've experienced the hangovers, you've missed the seminars, and you've taken a tumble down the cold, hard metal steps, you know what to do….

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