The Soton Tab is recruiting!

Want to be a part of the biggest student news site in Southampton?


We are hiring a brand new editorial team for 2017/2018. Our AGM is famously undemocratic – there’s no voting involved, we just pick the people with the best applications! You don’t need to have written for us before to apply, just have an interest in all things student news and a flair for writing! Beyond reaching an audience of more than 12,000 people on Facebook alone, the Soton Tab is an amazing team to be a part of. We are the only totally independent news outlet at the University of Southampton, and have infamously fabulous socials through our amazing partnerships with local clubs and bars. You must be a University of Southampton student to apply for these roles.

Below are all the roles we are looking to fill for the new academic year:


We’re looking for a new partner in crime for continuing head honcho, Iona Mcpherson. This role is full-on – it means writing stories in all sections, supervising all our social media accounts, editing articles from the editorial team and regular writers, and avoiding getting sued! It also means you have full control of what you write and publish!

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Deputy Editor x2

We need a pair of hard workers to be the editors-in-chiefs right hands – you’ll support them in writing and publishing articles, organising the team and hosting meetings. You’ll also be helping new writers with their articles, and checking people are on-deadline.

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News Editors x2

You’ll be responsible for getting your hands on all the juiciest goss in Southampton. We need a pair who’ve got their fingers on the pulse on campus, and know a good story when they see one.

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Opinion Editors x2

Have you got strong feelings about what’s going on on campus? Do you know how to make a national story Soton-relevant? Then you’re just what we’re looking for.

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Features Editors x3

Features are all things voxpop, interview and campus life. You’re free to be educational, entertaining and opinionated all in one neat role. If you’re a good all-rounder with a flair for being funny, this is just the position for you.

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Entertainment Editors x2

Love all things music and theatre? You’ll be responsible for attending all the biggest and best events on campus (we get a lot of free tickets. Like a lot.) and passing judgment in your Soton Tab reviews.

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Lifestyle Editor

We want someone who knows all about the lifestyle issues Soton students face – and how to solve them.

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Sports and Varsity Editor

Mad about all things Team Southampton? This is the position for you. Write up match results and games, and manage the marathon task that is live blogging Varsity day.

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Politics Editor

Elections are always just around the corner – and Union Southampton has always got news for us. Fancy being the independent eye on the student union? This position is just what you’ve been waiting for.

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Social Editor

As social editor, you’re in charge of recruiting new eager writers, as well as finding cool and interesting things for us to share on our social media. You’re our outside guy or gal, helping us market the Soton Tab to readers, writers and potential partners.

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Applications close on the 25th of May, 2017