Southampton graduate appointed new Secretary for Education

Justine Greening graduated from Southampton in 1990.

It was announced yesterday that Southampton graduate Justine Greening, will be Nicky Morgan’s replacement as Secretary of State for Education under new Prime Minister, Theresa May.

The Southampton graduate previously served as the Economic Secretary to the Treasury from 2010 to 2011, and was Secretary of State for Transport between 2011 and 2012. Greening served as the Secretary of State for International Development, before landing this newest position in the cabinet.

Alongside her new role as Education Secretary, Ms Greening has also been appointed Minister for Women and Equalities.

Last month, Greening became the first openly gay female cabinet minister. She announced her relationship on Twitter during Gay Pride. Her predecessor – Nicky Morgan – voted against the legalization of gay marriage in 2013.

Greening is also the first Education Secretary to have been educated at a state school – attending Rotherham Comprehensive. In 1990, she graduated with a first class honors degree in Business Economics and Accounting from Southampton. She went on to get an MBA from the London Business School. Greening has served as MP for Putney since 2005 – proving you don’t need an Oxbridge degree to succeed in politics.

Recent stats show the number of non-Oxbridge cabinet MPs has increased from just 36% under David Cameron, to a healthy 52% under Theresa May. The appointment of MPs such as Justine Greening and former PM candidate Andrea Leadsom, bolsters the number of non-oxbridge educated cabinet ministers from eight to twelve.

May’s cabinet also shows a 3% increase in the appointment of women than under Mr Cameron. Many women in the cabinet now hold more senior positions. Theresa May’s cabinet reshuffle means women now hold half of the four ‘Great Offices of State’ for the first time in the UK’s political history.

Upon arriving at the Department for Education, Ms Greening said she was “looking forward to getting on with the job”