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Café Parfait director suggests armed robbery was ‘likely someone we know’

The robbers were armed with a crowbar, a mallet and a knife.

Hotdog meme Southampton student speaks out about newfound fame

The sauce-y snap of man and his hotdog has gone viral

Southampton RAG Jailbreak event raises £5,400 for charity

The money will go to Action Against Hunger, Alzheimer’s society and HCPT The Pilgrimage Trust.

Southampton ranks top 20 in UK ‘Table of Tables’

It ranked 11th amongst Russell Group universities

University of Southampton plan to raise their tuition fees.

This was decided before a Student vote

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Southampton Grad guaranteed Gold in Rio

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Southampton graduate appointed new Secretary for Education

Justine Greening graduated from Southampton in 1990.

All the student stereotypes you eventually give in to

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University Of Southampton to ‘Go Green’ with ethical investing, sell fossil fuel shares

Fossil fuel based companies are being abandoned in a big win for Invest Positive