We tried to take down Southampton’s biggest kebab

It was the size of my face.

Recently local favourite Sula’s added its biggest kebab, the Mighty Gyro to the menu.

For £10 you’ll pick up two pittas, peppers, red onions, tomato, feta, halloumi, pork, chicken, chips and a bratwurst-looking Greek sausage.

To be honest, it’s pretty good. Look at it:


Culinary magnificence

Although it does look hauntingly similar to the Kraken that eats Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean from the wrong angle. Still, better than a doner from Chick-o-land.

The resemblance between the kebab and the Kraken is scary

It really is a bit of a monster to see off. Especially when one of us had already polished off a Nando’s for lunch.
Various techniques were used to begin making dents in it. The most effective for speed seemed to be to split it in half and eat with the hands. The more astute, considered approach with the cutlery resulted in a longer eating time, but spreading it out was beneficial for the health of our digestive system.

The attractiveness levels, of us and the kebab, slowly dropped as the filthy sandwich began to unravel.

By the half way stage, it had begun to look like something you’d clean out of the sink after your mates 21st.

Soon, it became too much for one of us. The meaty, mushy feast had overwhelmed him, and he scooted off “to singing practice”. To be fair, it was becoming almost too much for those of us who had stayed.

My stomach was limpier than my wrist

It wasn’t really the size of the thing that was getting us down but the fact that is was predominantly carbs.  The pitta bread especially was hard to get through. This was as far as another one of us went.



This was the closest one of us came to finishing it off- nobody else could successfully traverse the pitta bread.


Is it a nappy or leftover red onions?

Being honest with ourselves, it was a poor effort. The ‘Mighty Gyro’ definitely isn’t up there with the likes of the Bar Three Braveheart Challenge, or the Orange Rooms Burger Challenge. We were just weak.

Returning, defeated and disheartened to my house, I was asked: “Is it nice, though?”

And actually, yes. It is. Go try it.