Joel Foreman

Soton Co-Editor of The Tab

Joel Foreman
Southampton University


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Introducing the new Soton Tab Editorial Team

Southampton’s biggest news site has some new faces

Southampton leads campaign for sanitary bins to be put in men’s toilets

SUSU has led the national campaign to improve the “negative experiences” of transgender students

Southampton ranked in Top 20 by Complete University Guide

The University of Southampton is once again one of the best universities in the country

Soton Tab Editor Applications NOW OPEN

Southampton’s biggest news site is recruiting

Grad Ball date announced

The biggest event of the year has been announced

The students who sued their landlord and won

They won over a £1000 each

Bencraft has been voted the worst halls in Southampton

It’s finally official

POLL: What’s the worst halls in Southampton?

I’d rather be from Solent than Glen Eyre

There’s a report of anti-social behaviour more than once a day in Portswood

We like it loud

Violent and Sexual Assaults in Southampton nearly doubled last year

There were 26 reports in October alone

Twitter has become a space for bullying, and Stephen Fry was right to leave it

He’ll probably be back at some point though

Livingstone Road was the most burgled street in 2015

The number of incidents rose heavily from last year

INTERVIEW: Why I’d vote for Donald Trump

‘If you import the Third World, you become the Third World’

Cambridge feminist group accused of running ‘drug ring’

The group has given dozens of students access to drugs that they have not been prescribed

Study declares Southampton one of UK’s best universities for free speech

The news comes despite their plan to crack down on freedom of information requests.

Mark-Francis and Stevie from MiC gave out free alcohol at the Christmas Ball

Freshers were begging them for selfies

‘Millions’ of student loans changed by Autumn Budget

The amount of money students will have to pay back is set to rise.

What do medicine students think of the proposed NHS changes?

Almost all of them want to leave the country.

Common People date announced

Southampton’s favourite festival will be back in 2016

I was in Paris during the attacks

A Southampton student left the 10th Arrondissement an hour before the attacks happened.

Students to hold vigil for Paris attacks on campus

An event is being held outside Hartley at 2

Meet the third years who own a Bearded Dragon

It lives in a vivarium and eats crickets

We tried to take down Southampton’s biggest kebab

It was the size of my face.

GeogSoc set Jagerbomb Record

All aboard

World Cup winners Enactus to switch on Highfield’s Christmas Lights

We haven’t even had bonfire night yet.

‘Savage assault’ in Orange Rooms leaves two in hospital

Did you see what happened?

Hartley Library evacuated

Students have been stuck outside for over half an hour

SUSU spent £1000 on Referendum T-Shirts

Half of the budget has been splashed on clothing.

What’s your weirdest WhatsApp group name?

We can’t explain any of these.

Southampton’s investment in Shell is embarrassing

The University must end its investment in the destructive oil company

BREAKING: Varsity date revealed

Southampton will host the massive sports event this year.

Snapchat is dead

Acid attack brothers charged

The Best Pictures from Soundclash

Stormzy will NOT be playing at Oceana tonight

Solent student jailed for selling drugs on Tinder

Study finds hangovers cannot be cured

SUSU launch student jobs scheme

This is what you'll be doing in Freshers

Small Halls, Big Heart

Fresher's Line-Up: Disappointing so far

WATCH: English lecturers absolutely nail Take That cover

Southampton Grad Sets Atlantic Record

How to not ruin your InterRail holiday

Southampton Graduate Sentenced in Malaysia

Portswood's Westridge Road named as crime hotspot

Southampton graduate arrested for naked photo

SUSU planning to cut Safety Bus

Common People to return to Southampton

Interview with Becky and Parris 'Sobar'

We compared our Grad Ball to others across the country

T20 Cricket comes to SUSU

Helping Nepal while ignoring the murder on our doorstep

Southampton Rises in University League Tables

General Election debates in Southampton

UKIP accused of bribing Southampton voters with sausage rolls

Rock music festival coming to Southampton

Help students get to Panama

Controversial new Facebook page against SUSU

Tab Q+A with Candidates

Traffic Collision on Highfield Lane

Have People Fallen Out of Love with SUSU?

VP Candidate Drops Out Already

John Lewis Christmas Ad : WORST EVER?

WHATSOC? Southampton Marrow!

Soton Student BUCKET LIST

Freshers' Ball – Disaster?

WHATSOC? Student Minds!

The Problem With Voluntourism: A Rebuttal

England finally win in Southampton


SUSU to run IM sports

News you might have missed because of the World Cup