Milibandwich: The Latest Craze?

Can Labour voters eat a sandwich with more dignity than their dashing leader?

If you’re not hooked up to the web yet, and haven’t seen any newspapers in the last twelve months, you may not have seen this gruesome picture of Labour’s Ed Miliband attempting to inhale a sandwich.

The Sun ran the picture yesterday on their front page demanding the country “Don’t swallow his porkies”, leading us at the Soton Tab to question- is it really that easy to eat a bacon sandwich under pressure and still look good?

To find out, we got up early this morning, made a load of bacon sandwiches and went down to Portswood’s polling station, where we hunted down Labour voters and challenged them to take a snap with us while munching on a bacon ‘Milibandwich’ in solidarity with their dashing leader, Ed Miliband.

We think the results speak for themselves…


Voter Ted, second year Computer Science, shows his support.


Bryony, third year Adult Nursing, digs in for Red Ed.


Second year English and History student Tom proved his #JeSuisEd spirit.


Kate, second year History, declared her love for Ed, and definitely ate the entire sandwich.


Scarlett, second year History, does Labour a favour.


Non-Labour voter Sam, second year English, puts Miliband to the sword with his effort.

tom and josh

Pair of lads Tom, second year Biology (left), and Josh, second year English (right), show Miliband how it’s done- no mess, no stress.


James, second year English, swung by to show solidarity for Ed, who he described as “not even that ugly”.


Soton Tab Editor Joel making a pig’s ear of his sandwich and his vote- he voted Green.


Me looking sassy and sultry to convince the people of Portswood to support Ed- I also think he’s quite handsome.

Think you could do better (or worse)? Send us your #Milibandwich efforts at @SotonTab!