Grab a BOOB…or two!

Lads and ladies listen up – we’re giving you all a legitimate reason to be copping a feel of boobs. Excellent. Some of you may have seen the Southampton UBT (Uni […]

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Lads and ladies listen up – we’re giving you all a legitimate reason to be copping a feel of boobs. Excellent.

Some of you may have seen the Southampton UBT (Uni Boob Team) gallivanting around campus, dressed up as boobs, talking about boobs and raising awareness of all things boob.

We are representing CoppaFeel!, a national organisation whose aim it is to raise awareness and get people checking their boobs, in order to find potential cancer as early as possible.

Now, we may seem like mere boob enthusiasts (which yes, we are) but our group have a more pressing issue that we’re beginning to tackle.

Our aim is to raise awareness of the risks of breast cancer in young people. We are going about this by giving out handy little cards which ask you to text UBTSouthampton to 70500. 

This, for the cost of one standard text, will send you a monthly reminder telling you to check your breasts. These cards also give helpful tips on how to check them and what to look out for.

A guide to how to check your boobs and what you are looking out for.

We are aiming to raise awareness across both men and women. Although some men look rather bewildered when they see our huge boobs (the costumes…), breast cancer actually affects 350 men each year, so this is an issue which can affect anyone at any age and is something we should all be aware of.

The Southampton UBT was founded by Saskia Benner, a third year Archeology student. She said:

I started the group because cancer can affect everyone and anyone and this charity is specifically targeted at spreading awareness in young people, something that is perfect for a university. Plus.. what isn’t fun about dressing up as a giant boob!?

Walking home from fundraising drawing a lot of attention to ourselves. A smashing pair if you ask me.

CoppaFeel!’s campaign this year is to get people to ask themselves ‘what normal feels like?’ The idea of this is to keep track of what normal feels like for you, so you can keep track of any changes or anything suspicious.

We aren’t out to scare people with what is, lets face it, a less than easy subject matter. Instead, we go about raising awareness with a bit of fun and friendliness.

We were recently on campus selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts, with all proceeds going to CoppaFeel!

Saskia telling us what normal feels like for her – lucky girl!

Spreading boob love on campus.

We’ve also highjacked exercise classes like Zumba, which was a huge success. We have loads of fun events coming up in the near future, such as a Propaganda club night takeover at Switch on 7th November and a CoppaFeel! Christmas bang Zumba class.

Taking over the Zumba class and dancing unashamedly in the giant boobs.

If our fabulously fun group looks like something you’d like to get involved in, we’re always looking for people with fun ideas on how to spread awareness and raise funds for CoppaFeel!

The more people who get involved in our group the more we can spread the message and raise awareness.

Breast friends

If you would like to be involved in our booby antics, check out our UBT Members Facebook page.

To support us and keep track of what we’re doing and events we are hosting please like our Facebook page. You can also follow us on Twitter.

Any fundraising ideas for Coppafeel!? Let us know in the comments below!