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NUS… An Investment for You, SUSU and Your Future! Here are just some of the ways that joining NUS will benefit you and SUSU: Improved training for our students – NUS […]

NUS… An Investment for You, SUSU and Your Future! Here are just some of the ways that joining NUS will benefit you and SUSU:

  • Improved training for our students – NUS offers FREE training to students, elected officers and staff on a variety of things, including decision-making, team building, negotiation, liberation and project management. This will greatly improve the effectiveness of SUSU and really help your officers do a better job for you.
  •  Access to a national Employability Award Scheme – currently the university’s Graduate Passport scheme is only recognised by a few employers; NUS have a national scheme, recognised by a large, and growing, group of employers – something you’ll be missing out on if we’re not in NUS.
  • Greater opportunities for our student entrepreneurs – NUS have a pot of £120,000 that you can apply for, for start-up businesses.
  • Performing Arts Network – we would have the chance to show off our talents nationally and build up a network with other university PA societies.
  • NUS Connect – We’d get full access to NUS’ online data base, giving us access to loads of online resources, briefings and campaign plans, ensuring we don’t waste time doing research which has already been done and can focus on the things locally which are more important.
  • Support in Developing a Greener Campus – NUS’ Green Impact scheme helps Unions develop a greener strategy with the help of experts, and for Unions to be recognised in their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. SUSU already has a great Green Impact campaign, but with the help of NUS this can only get better.
  • Liberation Campaigns – From LGBT to black and ethnic minority students, those with disabilities to international and women’s campaigns – NUS does a whole host of work supporting and campaigning for the rights of Liberation groups, and would be able to help us better support, engage and campaign for them too.
  • Greater Support for our sites –  we would get to network with other universities that can help us support and integrate our sites much better.
  • National recognition for our work – You should be recognised for all of your hard work in and out of societies – not just at SUSU’s EVA’s, but also on a national scale!
  • Unique discounts for our students – On top of the discounts you get from your student card, you can purchase the optional NUS extra card and gain access to online discounts ranging from ASOS and Amazon, to half price premium Spotify and discounts on EasyJet, National Express, and many more!
  • Safety for SUSU – a safety net for Unions. When things come up that are too big for one union to deal with alone, NUS is there to make sure the Union doesn’t fall. This summer, they saved 3000 students studying at London Met from deportation; SUSU has no such safety net.
  • A National Voice – NUS are the leader in lobbing for better standards on behalf of students. They have ensured that you don’t pay council tax and set up the Tenancy Deposit Schemes. They are fighting the changes being made to Higher Education, but we can’t influence their message if we’re not involved.

You deserve all this, and so when you vote, vote Yes2NUS

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