£20K Restaurant ROBBERY

Knife-point robbery of classy Ocean Village Restaurant

The restaurant, in upmarket Ocean Village was hit by knife wielding raiders

A group of men have stolen £20,000 in cash and left two restaurant workers injured and shaken up after raiding the Banana Wharf restaurant in Ocean Village on Monday at 11pm.

One restaurant worker was beaten and threatened with a knife after four masked men stormed into the vicinity at closing time. The worker was held in the kitchen whilst the remaining intruders went looking for their loot.  Confronting an assistant manager of the restaurant with the threat of a knife, the three men forced the 28 year old to open the safe from which £20,000 cash was stolen. The cash was contained within mesh-like pouches each bag was labelled differently with the words “Sunday”, “Monday” and “Float” with the last bag being blank.

The men then fled from the scene through a fire exit in what is thought to be a Range Rover style vehicle, possibly white in colour.

Detectives are looking for information from anyone who has seen or heard anything linking to the actual incident, especially surrounding Channel Way near Endeavour Court and Alcantara Crescent, the car described or to anyone who thinks they may have seen the money pouches matching the description.  If you feel you may be able to help you can contact the police directly on 101 or call the Crimestoppers number anonymously on 0800555111