50p Pints Forever!

After 9k fees Cameron et al are keeping the students on side with this one

Rejoice! This tower will still only cost 4 pounds

Most students will be, at best, apathetic to this weeks Budget. But one proposal has caught The Tab’s eye: A minimum price-per-unit on Alcohol. Fortunately for all of us here in Southampton, Cameron is not trying to snatch our snakebites!

Point 2.10 in the government’s strategy document states:

We do not currently intend to apply this ban to the on-trade (pubs, bars, restaurants etc.) as this is already a more controlled and regulated drinking environment.

Controlled and regulated aren’t two words often used to describe Bevois Valley but they do mean Monday Madness and So:Crazy are safe for now.

The new measure has been brought in to combat binge drinking and is aimed at supermarkets offering “loss-leading” multibuy deals such as 3 crates for £20 or 3 bottles of wine for a tenner. The  British Retail Consortium called it a “tax on responsible drinkers” As students, we don’t really fit that bracket. It will affect our shop bought pre-drinks but that may well stop so many nights finishing with a friendly ejection from Jesters at 10:30.