Straight Outta Portswood

Portswood Road is exactly the same as 8 Mile.

OK, we might be a few months late with this video but a lot of you probably missed it because you were on the mandatory family holiday or popping pills at music festivals (perhaps both happened at once?). So without further ado, let me introduce you to Joe Potato and his crew of Portswood based rugby playing Crunk addicts, a hip hop posse who are as hardcore as they come. This is so big that apparently former Southampton rap laureate Craig David is quaking in his vintage Nike Dunks and has an odd coloured stain on his white trackies. It’s the sort of thing Tim Westwood and his holiness Dr Dre have wet dreams about, and somebody needs to drop it in a Jesters or Sobar DJ set. I’ll let the video speak for itself, SAFFHAMPTON STAND UPPPP:

If you come across or make anything similarly amazing/bizarre, then send it our way!

Pink flat caps scare the hell out of me, sure sign of a badman.