Alistair Steward

Alistair Steward
Southampton University


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Life Lessons: Being a Fresher

If you’re fresh meat, this article is the perfect marinade for you… (or something).

Street Party SHAMBLES

The Newcombe Road party didn’t happen, so Soton youths went on a pilgrimage to find a place to get high and listen to dubstep.

Wot i learnt as a TAB EDITOR

Fear and Loathing in Hartley Library: Study Drugs UNCOVERED


TOXIC INFERNO at Soton Scrapyard

UPDATE: Portswood body identified

Back off, Ball Bashers

Alistair speaks sense as The Tab come out fighting in defense of Grad Ball (till the full story is out at least……)

Oceana CONFIRMED as Grad Ball venue


Soton Tab Editor Applications: NOW OPEN

It’s time to switch things up, and we want YOU on board.


SUSU SHOWDOWN: Boyce vs. Ling

Elections: Why you SHOULD care

Sick of elections already? Alistair Steward explains why it’s worth voting.

LIVE BLOG: First Candidates' Debate

The Manifesto Drinking Game

We scraped the barrel for ideas of how to get you interested in the elections, and this is the result.

Kitchen fire MAYHEM in Solent Halls

For once the fire alarm went off for a reason.

If Wordsworth was a gangsta rapper…

Minimise your PDFs, boil up a brew and check out this quick roundup of awesome and stupid videos.

Elections are Coming

£9K fees put off 2000 applicants

Looks like quite a few people reckon a degree isn’t worth £9K/year.

Olympics looking like GOLD MEDAL material

Suddenly, it looks like London 2012 might not be as embarassing as we were all expecting.

Life Lessons: Formal Ball

How to behave if you’re an oik going to a Christmas Ball.

Highfield vs. Portswood: Soton's POSTCODE WAR

Why choosing to live in Highfield instead of Portswood is a schoolboy error.

Introducing our HOUSING SPECIAL

Our Tabulous twist on all the standard boring house advice.

Life Lessons: Writing a CV

How to talk your way into your dream job.

Drunken Debauchery to be Reported to University

Your academic school could now find out about your traffic cone collection and punish you for it.

Library Loverboy- The Interview

Was the library proposal man mad or just crazy in love? Probably both.

Hartley Library Marriage Proposal Shocker

Man in bear suit proposes outside library. Is this true or have I lost my mind?

Soton's EMINEM?

Southampton rap that’s actually been produced properly.

Portswood Car Window Shooting

Another grimey Sunday night on the frontline…

Straight Outta Portswood

Portswood Road is exactly the same as 8 Mile.

Life Lessons: Library Etiquette

Those important unwritten rules that should help you avoid being ‘that bastard’ in the library.

Sick of studying? Revision break time!

Games and websites to help you briefly avoid your degree.

Tomorrow's World: Making Love to your Computer

Combining technology and sex leads to bloody strange results.

Degree Break goes to the Movies

Wedding Special: Royal Porn & Royal Light Opera

As Wills and Kate tie the knot, people with too much time on their hands have been paying tribute.

Musical-based Distracting Websites

More ways to ruin your degree by getting lost in the internet.

Spiritual Quickie

A lady thoroughly enjoys being “touched” by God.

Andrew Lansley…Tory Tosser?

Fine Dining: SUSU Café

Fine Dining lunches at the ever popular SUSU Café.

In praise of Portshood, the student GHETTO

Porstwood might be scummy but is it a student paradise?

Fine Dining: Chick-o-Land (Extra)

True LAD or not True LAD? That is the question…

Charlie Sheen the Musical


Bottle Based Music, Bieber Gets Shot & MORE

Michelin Star Meals on a Budget: Secret Ingredients

DISTRACTING and MIND BLOWING websites Volume One

The Complete Generic Election Manifesto

I, [INSERT NAME HERE] hereby solemnly swear to implement the following policies should I be elected into office:

Porn Overload: A Warning

Paint + Internet = Genius

Vodka Jacket Gives Man Superpowers

Extreme Sitting- You've got to be … me???