Revealed: All the club nights that have been cancelled in support of Night In Campaign

Both Hallam and Sheffield University’s weekly Wednesday club nights have been cancelled

Three of the biggest Wednesday club nights in Sheffield have been cancelled tonight in support of Night In Campaign.

This week, Hallamnation held at Crystal Bar Sheffield, Roar at Uni of’s SU and Corporation have all cancelled their regular themed nights.

This is in support of the planned boycott taking place tonight across all Sheffield nightclubs to stand in solidarity against recent drink spiking incidents.

Crystal Bar Sheffield, home to Hallam’s weekly sports night, Hallamnation, was the first to cancel their Wednesday event earlier this week.

On Instagram, Hallamnation said: “Although Crystal Bar Sheffield, home of Hallamnation, already had stringent measures in place to deter and prevent any such incidents occurring, we feel more needs to be done to get the message out.”

The post was captioned: “We stand with you #NightIn”.

On Monday evening, both Corporation and Roar announced their closures.

Corporation announced the cancellation of their Wednesday club night on Facebook, in support of #SheffieldNightIn.

In the post, the nightclub said: “We have increased our levels of searching on entry, checks and ‘throughout evening’ monitoring, making doubly sure that those who come in as a group, leave as a group and that no one is left behind.

“We have a less than zero tolerance towards anyone caught even attempting to spike another person. This is your Corp and we want you to be and feel safe.”

Sheffield University’s SU has also cancelled their weekly sports night “ROAR’. The university’s officer’s team said: “Our Officer team is standing in solidarity with the Sheffield Night In campaign. For this reason, ROAR will be cancelled this Wednesday 27 October. We are troubled that it has reached a point where we can’t feel safe on a night out in our city.

“We’ve taken a number of steps to increase security measures in our venues so far including: free Spikeys and drink covers; more visible messaging to warn perpetrators about their actions; increased drinks testing; and more searches upon entry. We also have high quality CCTV in all of our venues.

“This includes a section on our Zero Tolerance Policy, and how to report an incident. We are actively working to improve safety in our nightclubs, but always welcome your feedback and ideas.”

In an Instagram post, Sheffield SU said that ROAR this week will be replaced with a student consultation event called “Safety during nights out – in conversation with SU staff.”

For more information on this event, head to SheffieldSU website.

You can find out more about the SU’s prevention measures on drink spiking and safety on their webpage.

Thousands of students are planning to support the boycott this evening. In a poll on The Sheffield Tab’s Instagram, 91 per cent of students are boycotting Sheffield clubs tonight.

Sports societies at Uni of Sheffield and Hallam are in support of #SheffieldNightIn. University sports teams will be holding sober socials instead of going out this evening, swapping the usual fancy dress Wednesday sports nights for more wholesome and safe activities in support of the campaign.

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