Uni of Sheffield and Hallam sports clubs to stand in solidarity with Night In Campaign

Sober socials, charity events and consent lectures will replace university sports team’s night out this Wednesday

Sports societies at Uni of Sheffield and Hallam are supporting a call to boycott all Sheffield clubs on Wednesday 27 October in response to recent spiking incidents.

University sports teams are holding sober socials instead of going out to support the #SheffieldNightIn campaign. They have joined the boycott enthusiastically and swapped the usual fancy dress Wednesday sports nights for more wholesome and safe activities in support of the campaign.

In an Instagram post, Team Hallam Sports Committee said: “We strive to remove as many barriers as possible to students participating and enjoying all aspects of their experience of university sport. Part of this includes the social aspect, meaning we are advocating for safer practices and real change to take place across bars and clubs in Sheffield to make students’ experiences better, safer and more enjoyable.

“We are encouraged by the response from some of the venues Hallam students regularly attend and have sponsorship deals with, as their acknowledgment of the severity of the issues, support of the boycott and the changes they are making to their procedures in order to protect students.

“We hope to see positive action taken immediately across Sheffield, and the rest of the country, to prevent spikings and make nights out safer for everyone.”

On Instagram, Sheffield University’s Wellbeing and Sports Officer said: “Sheffield SU has a zero tolerance policy to any type of harassment, discrimination or violence. We wanted to let you know how the zero tolerance policy works and the process of making a report.

“We will be running social secs training to ensure members understand what measures we have in place and how to promote a safe and inclusive environment.”

The Sheffield Tab spoke to sports societies at both universities to see how they are spending their evening instead of hitting their usual Wednesday nightclub.

Uni of Tennis Club and Sheffield Hallam Swimming Society

Both Sheffield University Tennis Club and Hallam Swimming are planning  to go bowling instead of heading to West Street.

Sheffield Hallam Women’s Rugby Union & Women’s Football

Sheffield Hallam Women’s Rugby Union and Women’s Football are teaming up to have an all-girls house party.

Sheffield Hallam Women’s Lacrosse

Women’s Lacrosse are holding quiet night in, encouraging members to have a relaxing night, whether this be baking, watching a movie or just chilling with friends.

Meg John, Chairman of Hallam’s Women’s Lacrosse has organised a quiet night in for their society.

She said: “It is such an important movement for women’s Lacrosse to join. Through this boycott, we can spread awareness about  such a concerning issue in Sheffield.

“We are able to stand up to spiking as a team, as it is hard to stand up to individually. We hope the campaign will educate men and women around us and make clubs and bars take further action into making us feel safer on nights out.”

Hallam Men’s Cricket Team

Men’s Cricket at Hallam are skipping clubs all together this week. The club said: “We feel going out another night would defeat the object.”

Sheffield University’s Dance Society

The University of Sheffield Dance Society are holding a pumpkin carving evening on Wednesday instead of going out.

Social Secretary, Bella Crolla said: “We fully support the Sheffield Night In movement as we want our group to feel safe on every night out.

‘We are a girl heavy society and we clearly see the problems of harassment and spiking first hand. To show our support, we will not be attending Roar this week and we will have a traditional girls night in with a classic horror film, snakes and pumpkin carving.”

Sheffield Hallam Women’s American Football Team

Hallam Women’s American Football Team said: “We are planning to host a sober social instead, watching some Halloween films as a team and staying safe.”

Sheffield Hallam Netball Society

Movie nights are a common theme with Sheffield Hallam Netball Team.

The club said: “With a few girls affected by spiking on a night out we want to show out support and join the boycott. We are having sober socials, from team meals to movie nights.”

The University of Sheffield’s Hockey Club

Some societies have gone above and beyond to support the boycott and target spiking and sexual violence in the Steel City.

Sheffield University Hockey club are planning to hold a charity hockey tournament, with both men and women participating, during the day on Wednesday.

They said: “We are charging £5 from everyone who takes part. All this money is going to be donated to the Sheffield Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre.”

After playing in such an important tournament, the teams will celebrate with a well-deserved fajita and film night.

Sheffield University Rugby Club

Sheffield University’s Rugby Club are teaming up with Femsoc on Wednesday evening.

The club said: “We are not going to ROAR or any nightclubs this week and have also decided to have a compulsory Femsoc talk for everyone in our club on Wednesday about consent.”

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