Here are nine reasons why you should write for The Sheffield Tab

We’re recruiting new writers to join our team

Here at The Sheffield Tab, we are always searching for new writers to join our team.

Whether you are studying journalism at university or simply interested in writing hot of the press news stories and interactive features, The Sheff Tab invites everyone with an appetite for being Sheffield’s very own Gossip Girl to join our team.

The Sheffield Tab is more than just writing articles. Here are nine reasons why you should join our team.

If you are interested in joining The Sheff Tab, Dm us on Instagram or Facebook. We are also having our first open meeting on Tuesday 5th September at Bar One at The University of Sheffield’s SU. The link to the Facebook event is here. Come and have a casual pint with the team and start writing for us.

1. You can write about matters you care about

We encourage writers to pitch stories about almost anything. As long as the article has a strong Sheffield student based connection, we are all for it.

The Sheffield Tab gives writers the freedom to write fiery opinion pieces, hard news stories as well as interactive quizzes and guides to Sheffield. Have you always wanted to use memes to sum up Sheffield’s night life? Maybe you wanted to create a quiz to see what percentage Hallam you are? At The Sheff Tab, you can do just this.

2. You don’t have to be studying journalism to write for us

There is no trial shift needed to write for The Sheffield Tab. We welcome everyone onto our team and are here to help you grow in confidence as a writer. If you are studying journalism at either Hallam or Uni of, The Sheffield Tab is a great way for you to gain vital industry experience. Likewise, if you’re not a journalism student but have a hunger for investigating the latest Sheffield scoops, WE WANT YOU TOO.

3. It’s a great addition to the CV

The Tab is a highly recognisable organisation and one future employers will be impressed to see on your CV. If you are thinking about a career in journalism, The Sheffield Tab is a great publication to start writing for. Ex- Tab editors have gone on to work for The Telegraph, The Daily Star and lots of other jobs in PR, marketing and law.

4. You become Sheffield’s very own Gossip Girl

By writing for The Sheffield Tab, you get to know lots of people and make some vital industry connections. We hear about university gossip first hand and help you to break scoops about the on goings of Sheffield Student life before other publications.

We work on the basis of, if you would tell your mates down the pub about something you overheard, it’s a story. Don’t worry, we’ll help you learn lots about media law to ensure your articles are always legally accurate.

5. You’ll get a Tab Tshirt

This should be enough of an incentive on its own – who wouldn’t want a Tab T-shirt that is three sizes too big for you and branded with a massive Tab logo? I wear mine all the time.

6. You meet some fab people

Aside to the writing, joining The Sheffield Tab helps you to meet some great people. If you’re not sporty (or even if you are), joining our team gives you that university society feeling alongside breaking news and writing fun features for our publication.

7. You have the chance to write for national publications

By writing for The Sheffield Tab, it will open up opportunities to write for the national Tab website. If you have a story that isn’t Sheffield based but still has a strong student narrative, our editors can help guide you in the right direction to getting your article published nationally. As well, we have had many of our stories picked up by other local and national publications. Imagine being able to say that your story was published in The Guardian or The Sheffield Star.

8. Your articles will be read by hundreds of students

On Instagram alone we have a following of almost 6,000 student’s and it is growing every day. Your article’s reach a large Sheffield student audience. They are published on social media as well as The Sheffield Tab site and have the chance to get picked up by national publications if the story is juicy enough.

9. You get a sense of community (and social nights out)

Over the last year, due to the pandemic, we haven’t been able to meet as a team. This year, we want to bring back Tab socials. They are always fun and help you get to know your fellow Tab writers in a different setting. We will hold fortnightly meetings for you to pitch ideas and get to know the team better – it will always involve a pint or two (obviously no pressure to drink).

Our first open meeting is taking place at 6pm on Tuesday 5th October, Bar One at The University of Sheffield’s SU. The link to the Facebook event is here. We look forward to meeting you. Come and have a casual pint with the team and start writing for us.

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