Pinterest, pillows and plants: We rated your student rooms in Sheffield

Bedroom? Lecture Hall? Both

Up until this year, student bedrooms were a place of empty pizza boxes, unwashed dishes and someone else’s clothes on the floor.

However, life in a pandemic has meant that our bedrooms are now where we sleep, dress, attend uni, and virtually socialise. Not so bad in an attic room, but terrible in a box room.

So we asked students in Sheffield to send us pictures of their bedrooms so we can rate how well they’ve adapted to this new versatile way of living…

1. Sheff indie boy – 5/10

Not one but two guitars, plus a ‘The Smiths’ poster? This room definitely belongs to a Sheffield indie boy.

You’re definitely the type who gets offended when someone suggests you only came to Sheffield because of the Arctic Monkeys (even though that is exactly why.)

The rug is a vibe and you get bonus points for the attic window with a view of Sheff but the laundry basket in the middle of the floor is chaotic evil at best.

Your desk chair looks like it would never give anyone backache, no matter how many Zooms they have to attend. Overall a strong 5/10.

2. Ms. Mansion – 7/10

It’s the sofa and fireplace for me. Where do you live?! A mansion?

Bonus points for the chunky knit throw and the consistent blush pink theme. You might have actually won the natural light lottery with at least five windows in your bedroom.

However, those blinds just woke me up with a sunbeam straight to the eyeball and I do not appreciate it.

The fairy lights are a vibe but you’ve lost a point for them not quite being straight. Also, the jury’s out on whether the pop tarts and club trop posters are a mark of Sheffield patriotism or just a bit sad…

3. Grey storage Queen – 6/10

Overall, this is a good room. It appears very organised and the neutral colours are inoffensive.

Although, the contrast of the blanket covering the bed and the fan next to it is utterly confusing. Who is using a fan in October?

Three words: the light fitting. Is that genuinely how it’s designed or have you stapled a piece of paper over it? Either way, it’s uncomfortable to look at and potentially a fire hazard.

The rug is very cozy and bonus points for it matching your blanket. You are also an absolute storage solution Queen – that shoe rack?! Amazing.

4. A Nicolas Cage nightmare – -1000/10

If I walk into a room and see a Nicolas Cage pillow just casually among the ordinary pillows, I am turning around and calling the police. Jail is the only solution for this person.

Not only this but the amount of stuff crammed next to the wardrobe (when there is obviously space under the bed) is giving me the absolute fear. Let’s not even start on the shoebox being used for desk storage.

At least your furniture matches and your blanket seems comfy…

5. Basic and blue – 8/10

First things first, there is no way this room belongs to a boy.

This person gives off very basic vibes, the type who talks about how much they love autumn and how they can’t get through the day without a pumpkin spiced latte. But, it is a clean, cute and cosy room.

However, the walls are very bare – why is there no evidence of your life anywhere? What are you hiding?

For the love of God will you go to Ikea and treat yourself to a new desk chair rather than just shoving a throw over a stool? Smh.

That also seems like an obsessive amount of makeup brushes.

6. A Pinterest planner – 9/10

Somehow this room gives off both basic and mysterious vibes. It would be no surprise is this person was a stereotypical basic babe by day and a mysterious, edgy and cool witch by night.

Aside from this room walking straight off the Pinterest app (honestly, who is pinning up scrunchies?!) it is actually a very good room.

The theme here is consistent, the room itself is massive and that chair looks comfier than the bed which is perfect for uni via Zoom.

However, points lost for the broken curtain and the fact that your mirror is located behind your door. That is just an accident and seven years of bad luck waiting to happen.

7. Weird and wooden – 1.5/10

Wow, a lot to unpack here.

WHY do you have a single duvet on a double bed? It honestly looks like you have no pillows at all and the duvet sheet is extremely questionable. This is absurd behaviour and you are definitely a boy.

The photos on the wall and the one string of fairy lights are an okay touch but the t-shirt hung on the wall just isn’t a vibe. The wardrobe is right there. Speaking of which, you couldn’t have closed it?

You get a point for it being relatively tidy and for the box of Yorkshire tea on top of your wardrobe. Other than that, you need some serious interior design help.

8. WOW – 10/10

This room is absolutely incredible. The grey and blush pink theme, the plants, the accent wall… astonishing.

It is still cosy, despite the wooden floors, thanks to your rug, throw and cushions.

Plus, with your desk in front of the window you can almost create the illusion that you aren’t trapped in Zoom prison.

9. Clutter kingdom – 5/10

There are some genuinely pleasant features in this room like the plants, the hexagonal hanging mirror, and the funky desk chair.

However, the stuffed sloth on the bed is what will visit me in my nightmares and I’m not sure a Marvel dressing gown should take pride of place like yours does.

There is just a lot going on, this is a very overwhelming bedroom. How do you sleep in there?

10. Untidy desk, untidy mind – 7/10

This room screams Tory and that is a fact.

You’re immediately showing off that you’ve got one of those boujee duvets that are sewn into squares and don’t think we can’t see that Bonsai tree.

You get some points for the Pixar-esque lamp and the fact that your colour theme is consistent throughout the room.

Your untidy desk and bizarre mirror placement is letting you down but overall a good room. I could definitely get my degree over Zoom in here.

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