Which Sheffield night out are you based on your Zodiac sign?

A Scorpio lives and breathes Hallam Nation

As the easing of lockdown begins and June 21 slowly approaches, a drunken night out with your friends along West Street is almost in sight. But, as we wait patiently for clubs to reopen, we thought we’d assess your zodiac compatibility with some of the beloved student nights out in The Steel City.

Here’s what Sheffield club night you are based on your Zodiac sign.

Aquarius, January 20-February 18: Code Tuesday student night

The eccentric and energetic nature of the Aquarius sign makes them a perfect candidate for a night in Code. Bound with first year fresher energy, a Tuesday student night in Code is right up their street. Aquarius’ have an innate desire to be free and hate being confined to one space, which is another reason Code is such a perfect venue for them to enjoy a night out. With three rooms of music and a car park sized smoking area, there is freedom to explore, ensuring they’ll never get bored.

Pisces, February 19-March 20: Club Tropicana, The Leadmill

This water sign loves anything sea, sand or beach themed, which is why a Club Tropicana night at The Leadmill is where they feel most content. This sign probably went to a Club Trop event in freshers, fell fast and hard for the Hawaiian shirts and 80s music and has never missed one since – they will get very offended if anyone says they dislike The Leadmill. As the night ends, you’ll find a Pisces gets overly emotional as the lights come on. But, after being reminded about a McDonald’s on the way home, they are ready to get an Uber home – sleep is calling.

Aries, March 21-April 19: Firepit Rocks

Aries signs love a bit of healthy competition and go crazy for something that will get their adrenaline rushing. This is why an Aries night out consists of wings, drinks and many games of Mario Karts in Firepit Rocks. Aries love comfort in terms of their clothes so they are happy to go on a night out in jeans and a hoodie. They are impatient so would not stand for the weekend queues outside WSL or Tiger Works. Chicken wings, drinks and Mario carts spells out their perfect night out in Sheffield.

Taurus, April 20-May 20: £5 rounds, Tiger Works or Maida Vale

Whilst some would describe this sign as stubborn, they would call themselves practical and reliable. A Taurus likes to stick to a routine when it comes to a night out in Sheffield – this means £5 rounds. Whether this be in Tiger Works or Maida Vale, they are happy as long as they get their Sour shots and blue VK.

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Gemini, May 21-June 20: Corporation

Gemini’s are social butterflies but also the type of friend that will definitely ‘loose’ (or leave) you on a night out. This is why Corporation is the perfect venue for them. As a sociable person, you will find them making ‘life long’ friends in the smoking area. They will also use the confusing staircase and corridors in Corp as a perfect excuse in the morning, as to how they ‘lost you’ on the night out.

Cancer, June 21-July 22: Tank

This sign may surprise you. A Cancer’s favourite night out in Sheffield is Tank. Cancer signs are very emotional but also don’t love verbally addressing their feelings. Getting lost in the rhythm of the music on a Tank Monday is the best way for this sign to feel their emotions and connect with others. They lack patience, which may be a struggle when having to get in line for the toilet queue in Tank, but will always be the friend to hold your hair back if you’ve taken things too far. They are very good at empathising with others and this is why you’ll find them still up at 6am after a Tank night out having deep chats with strangers at an afters.

Leo, July 23- August 22: Roar Wednesday’s at the SU

As the king of the jungle, Leo would be seen no where else on a Wednesday but at a Roar sports night. Leo’s are natural born leaders which means they are very good at leading a team both on the sports pitch and in Bar One downing shots before the night out.  They are outgoing people who are very passionate about living their best life. On the whole, they are charismatic people but, if a Leo does bump into a rival sports team in the takeaway at the end of the night, they can be quite hot-headed.

Virgo, August 23-September 22: Crystal or Viper Rooms

This water sign always puts their work first so a night out in Sheffield has to be planned into their weekly schedule. However, when the weekend finally comes around, it’s time to party and they really go to town. Beauty and style is very important to Virgos so a Friday night in Crystal is where they blossom. High heels or their favourite Ralph Lauren shirt – they dress to impress.

Libra, September 23-October 22: WSL

Libra’s are problem solvers; they like to help their friends in anyway they can. On a night out this is through Tequila Shot and lots of Cocoa Milkos. West Street Live is their choice of a Sheffield Night out. Whether they are helping a friend through a break up or forgetting about an upcoming uni assignment, the endless choice of cocktails available in WSL means they can help friend’s drown their sorrows in alcohol, good music and an all-round good time.

Scorpio, October 23-November 21: Hallam Nation

Scorpio signs are no other than Crystal’s ‘Hallam Nation’. Their creative minds makes them perfect for thinking up inventive costumes for their Wednesday night sports socials. Sometimes a Scorpio gets so passionate about their Hallam Nation costume that it seems more important than uni work. Loyalty lies deep within a Scorpio’s heart and they will protect you at all costs as long as you’re a Hallam warrior. If you’re not, you need to watch out. Getting on the wrong side of a Scorpio on a night out won’t end well.

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Sagittarius, November 22- December 21: West Street

For Sagittarius’ one bar is simply not enough. As an impatient sign, they hate spending their whole night in one venue so a bar crawl along West Street is high up on their agenda. The need to be constantly active so you’ll usually find them running between bars and clubs on a night out. Sagittarius’ are known for acting before they think so a night out with this sign is always bound to end up with some funny stories and a very bad hangover.

Capricorn, December 22-January 19: Molly Malone’s

Capricorn’s love tradition, which is why a night in Irish Molly Malone’s is perfect for them. As a sign, they are very independent and don’t like to follow a crowd, which is why a few Guinness’s and live music offered at Molly’s gives them an alternative night out compared to the other bars situated on West Street. After an hour or so in Molly’s most of their friend’s are ready to move on to Tiger Works – Capricorns are happy to stay their all night. It’s a task to get them off the dance floor.

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