LIV accommodation ‘extremely sorry’ after raw sewage leaks into Sheffield student flat

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Raw sewage leaked into Sheffield students’ LIV accommodation following a problem with a broken pipe.

The flat’s inhabitants spotted a ‘large, yellow-brown colour’ puddle in their carpet and called for help.

Staff at the student block were forced to ask the flat above to stop using their toilets in an effort to combat the stench.

Alicia, who lives in the flat, said: “It was very clear it was sewage water as it smelt horrible.

“We noticed in the morning it had seeped into two of our rooms under the beds, so they (the flatmates) slept there with sewage water underneath them.

“The next day we still noticed a bad smell in the flat and we complained again so they’ve agreed to change the carpet.”

A manager apologised to the flat and offered two free washes and a £50 takeaway.

Gary Nathan, acting manager at LIV Student Sheffield, added: “We are extremely sorry this happened. The incident was late at night, but we immediately offered alternative studios to the four students whose rooms were affected, which they declined. The same offer was made at a later stage, and this was accepted by only one of the residents.

“Our maintenance and repairs programme is first class, but the broken pipe, a rarity in modern buildings, could not have been predicted. Staff worked into the early hours to get a repairs contractor on site as swiftly as possible.

“A specialist company was twice called in to sanitise the flat, new carpets have been laid and compensation offered for any damaged items.

“A goodwill gesture was also made.”

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