This is the most important Sheffield SU election in a long time, says candidate

‘Issues are starting to come to a head’

The 2021 Sheffield Students’ Union elections are the most important in a long time, a candidate has said.

Jasmin Deans, running for Liberation Officer, said although the SU roles have always been important, this year they’re more important than ever as issues are starting to ‘come to a head’.

She told The Tab: “Now we’re not getting what we’re paying for, tuition fees are a lot more of a problem. The government has ignored university students throughout this entire pandemic and the university has ignored the struggles many students have faced.

“With the protests last summer about the murder of George Floyd, and more recently the murder of Sarah Everard, I think people are more willing to engage in serious conversations that we need to have. That is another really important thing that needs to be pushed for in the university.”

Some of Jasmin’s policies include creating lectures teaching the ‘unfiltered’ history of the UK, holding the university to account in diversifying the curriculum, and reforming the university counselling service.

She says her aim is not to lead on every policy and idea, but to work collaboratively with the wider student network to facilitate change and champion diversity.

She continued: “We need to deepen our collective understanding of diversifying the curriculum and our own history as the UK. It’s time for the university and the SU to engage in that.”

You can check out the rest of Jasmin’s campaign and other candidates here.

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